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MP3 - Grisse - his delight (1 Mb)

MP3 - a medley of renaissance and baroque music(3.0 Mb)

MP3 - my recording of Le Petit Rien, by Couperin (203 Kb)

MP3 - Pavane Earl of Salisbury - Byrd

MP3 - Tarletons Riserrectione - Dowland

MP3 - Theme and Variation 1 by Zipoli

Estampida - 14'th century dance music

Kemps Jig - Anon 1595

El Noi De la Mare - Miguel Llobet

Toy for 2 Lutes - Thomas Robinson

Corrente Francese

A beautiful renaissance love song
MP3 version of the same tune

MP3 - John Dowland's 'Think'st thou then by feigning'

MP3 - Thomas Robinson 'Merry Melancholie'

Fiery Eyes MIDI

So ben mi chi ha buon tempo - MP3

Electric lute jam, based on a lute piece of unknown title - MP3

A Caso Un Giorno (One Fine Day) - MIDI

Spanish Pavane - MIDI

Greensleeves - Henry VIII's 1496 Smash Hit. I made this arrangement for my son to duet with on his classic guitar. It's in D Minor if you want to download & do likewise.

The theme to Trumpton - arranged and played by bluesblast.

Hamster theme from Tales of the Riverbank - arranged from memory and played by bluesblast.

Prelude from Robert de Visee's suite in E major

A tune for my dear Rascal


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