rainbow bridge

Noise Generators - MIDI - CV Convertor - Paia Kit - VCO - Renee Schmitz - VCO - Nicholas Woolaston - FM 'Nintendo' Poly Synth - Kit - Tri-oscillator drone - inspired by Look Mum No Computer - White Noise - Ray Wilson Filter - 3 * CGS30 State Variable BandPass Filter - Ken Stone - Vactrol Controlled CGS30 Band Pass filter - based on Ken Stone Design - Music From Outer Space LPF with LFO - based on Ray Wilson Design - Vactrol controlled 3-Pole filter - own design Sallen-Key filter - Vactrol controlled Auto-Wah - own design based on Vox Wah pedal - Manual Control 4-pole LPF - own design Sound Shaping - 2*Low Pass Gate - - LFO/VCA - Nicholas Woolaston LFO in same panel as own design Vactrol VCA - ADSR - Nicolas Woolaston - Distortion - Own variant of Ibanez Tubescreamer schematic - Reverb - 2 * PT2399 reverbs, 1 own design, 1 Ebay board. - Sub-Oscillator ; 1 & 2 Octave Sub, based on Thomas Henry Design - Ring Modulator - Ken Stone :LFO - 3 * own variant of Nicolas Woolaston LFO design adapted for 'Positive Only' Sequencer - Baby 8 Drum Sequencer - based on Look Mum No Computer concept - Kick Drum Synth - Ken Stone - Credit Card Sequencer - Division 6 kit - Utilities - 3 channel Mixer / EQ - own design based on Ken Stone - Splitter / Buffer - own design - Uni-Gain Mixer - Richard Jones design


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