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Tune Up Here - MIDI file of Top E

Country blues jam in the style of a clapton favourite
Bluesblast demo honk

Another Clapton style, Cant Find My Way Home - one take jam track
This tune is really in 2 sections, 1 works with blues scale, the other more diatonic, check out this demo jam

Mid-tempo blues-rock jam in A Minor

Slow blues-rock jam in A

Basic blues rock number in D 120 bpm

Extended straight ahead blues jam in A, with some 16, some 12 bar cycles, a stop-chorus and middle 8 - medium fast 130 bpm

Rock-boogie in E with a Bolan type flavour

E-A Groove in E for gnarly solo practice

Extended one-chord mid-tempo blues jam

Blues-rocker in A, based very tenuously on 'You Don't Have To Move That Mountain'

Long and slow in B - not really a blues but bluesy ; enjoy

Slow Jazz 3-6-2-5 progression in C
Bluesblast demo jam to the above
Same track transposed down to Bb

Jam Track tribute to Roxie, great tune from Chicago, key of E 170 BPM
Bluesblast demo jam

Jam in Bm based on Floyd 'One of These Days'. The chord pattern is a 16 bar cycle that goes Bm * 8, A * 4, Bm *4
Bluesblast Demo

Rough and ready version of Knock on Wood - up tempo jam in A - 145 bpm

Straight forward mid-tempo blues jam in E - 112 bpm

Bluesblast smooth jazz effort in D maj - intended as a vehicle to improvise based on chords and arpeggios
Bluesblast demo jam
Chord Chart

Jazzy mid-tempo blues in E

Rock version of Layla Jam Track plus simplified version of the famous coda D minor & C

A King standare Angel of Mercy in A flat as per original recording
Same track remixed to Key of A - as Joe B

Up-tempo rocker in A , inspired by an MC5 track

Long slow blues in A , with a little bridge section

Jam Track for I'm a Road Runner in F
Second version - more rock feel
Third version - cleaner backing

Jam inspired by Clapton/Dominos Bell Bottom Blues in C

Simple rock funk mid tempo jam in B

Born Under a Bad Sign jam in D flat.

Extended rock-funk vamp in A without strong accents, specifically to practice jamming out long gnarly 8'th and 16'th notes lines

Mid-tempo piano-based bluesrock in C, no rhythm guitar

Blues-funk in E, mid tempo

Another Blues-funk in A, mid tempo

And another Blues-funk in D

Rock feel jammer, fairly up-tempo 130bpm in B

Slowish Blues-Rock Vamp in E

Up-tempo Boogie-Rock in A

Mid-tempo Back Beat Rock in G - harp friendly

Basic mid-tempo shuffle in F

Blues-Rock Jam in G - harp friendly- bluesblast demo harp jam below
Bluesblast blows a jam - note to self - practise !!

Groovy very slow blues in C with a mostly piano and organ feel to the backing

Mid-tempo Groove in E with a circle of 5'ths chorus that goes G#7 C#7 F#7 B

Another slow blues with a mellow mood , in C

Same track as the above, Slow Blues transposed to Bb with an added organ track

Jam along to the Taking Care of Business Chord Progression in C

Simple ritualistic groove in B Minor - nice warmer upper in a Santana mood

Little Bit Smooth-jazz feel bluesy jam centered on Dmaj7. Chords - (Fmaj7 Dmaj7)*2 G13 Cmaj7 C7 G13 Bb7 A7 (Fmaj7 Dmaj7)*2
Bluesblast demo

Funky mid-tempo blues in D - 145 bpm

Up tempo straight ahead blues - British-style - 170 bpm

Mid temp (112 bpm) blues-rock in G

Mid temp (112 bpm) blues-rock in A

Up-tempo jump blues in B Flat

Mid-tempo Jazz blues in D

Jam based on classic blues-rock 'Tomorrow Night' in C. Link to the chords are below. C blues scale and E-flat blues scale will see you through this jam.
Tomorrow Night - chords

First of two jams based on The Facess 'lI'm Losing You' in the key of D
Second jam based on The Facess 'I'm Losing You' in the key of D, slightly slower, looser feel

Jam in A, with a verse form similar to 'People Get Ready' with an addition circle of fifths section

Up-tempo keyboard based jam, in D - sort of a progressive blues style - 193 bpm

Grubby basement rocker in G. 125 bpm. Nice jam for the harp players.

Bluesblast rendition of a classic riff-based rocker in G.

Mid tempo blues rock in A

Slowish contemporary feel in A Flat

Medium tempo blues rock in A
Quick and dirty blues blast jam demo

Short mid tempo 16 bar blues in C

Chicago style blues in D 114 bpm

Uptempo 160 bpm funk blues in E

Straight time , with a little bit funky feel, C jam.

Slow dirty blues in G - bluesblast on the sticks plays some truly primitive drums

Extended loose funk jam in E

Straight Ahead Mid-tempo Blues in B Flat

Country blues ramble in G

Fast Rock feel in A - 155 BPM

Up-tempo swing feel in C, slightly jazz feel

Another attempt at an up-tempo swing-shuffle with a grittier feel ; this time in E - 170 BPM

Slow blues in C featuring bluesblast playing some primitive drums

Bluesblast jam version of Smokestack Lighning in E

Smokestack Lighning version in G without blues harp, for those who play a C cross harp

Straight ahead blues-rock in the key of B, fast mid-tempo 153 bpm

Slow-ish 12-8 blues in G - good for jamming in the style of Albert King

Funk groove in E borrowed from a Johnny Guitar Watson number

Bluesblast jam version of Love In Vain - key of G

Chunga's Revenge Jam Track in Dmin

Nice Jam - TOTP or ritualistic hyper blues - in E

Boogie in A 216 bpm

Relaxed medium rock boogie in A

Quick and dirty mid-tempo jam in F

Mid-Tempo Rock-and-Roll Boogie in A.

Rock-soul jam track in D. Notice change to B minor key center section - listen to my demo jam.
Extended bluesblast demo jam

Another quick and dirty extended blues-rock jam in A Min - simple, easy to have fun jamming to

Another pretty random extended bluesrock jam in Emin - Chords go Emin7 A7 G Emin (*3) Emin A7 Gmin 7

Here's another version of extended blues-rock jam in A Min / D - again - easy jammin / warmup

Smokey jazz flavoured blues in C - note there are 2 different verse forms
Extended bluesblast demo jam

Slow Type 2 blues in E, with a Circle of 5ths type middle 8
bluesblast demo jam with a clean guitar sound

Kind of an odd New Years holiday jam but quite fun - the progression goes GGGGEEGGGGEEEECCCCGGGGD
Quick and dirty blues blast jam demo