rainbow bridge

MODULES with corresponding design/inspiration

Noise Generators
- MIDI Oscillator - based on MDCO-3 Chip from MIDIMUSO
- FM 'Nintendo' Poly Synth - Arcano Systems Kit with custom wrapper circuit
- CEM3340 VCO - Look Mum No Computer
- Yamaha TX81Z
- Tri-oscillator drone - inspired by Look Mum No Computer
- White Noise - Ray Wilson

- 3 * CGS30 State Variable BandPass Filter - Ken Stone
- Vactrol Controlled CGS30 Band Pass filter - based on Ken Stone Design
- Music From Outer Space LPF with LFO - based on Ray Wilson Design
- Vactrol controlled 3-Pole filter - own design Sallen-Key filter
- Vactrol controlled Auto-Wah - own design with Richard Jones based on Vox Wah pedal
- Manual Control 4-pole LPF - own design
- 2 * MS-20 style VCF following Moritz Klein design.
- Diode Ladder filter following Moritz Klein Design.

Sound Shaping
- 2*Low Pass Gate - Synth DIY Guy
- LFO/VCA - Nicholas Woolaston LFO in same panel as own design Vactrol VCA
- Attack-Release - Nathan Ramsden
- Reverb - 2 * PT2399 reverbs, 1 own design, 1 Ebay board.
- Sub-Oscillator ; 1 & 2 Octave Sub, based on Thomas Henry Design
- Ring Modulator - Ken Stone

- 3 * own variant of Nicolas Woolaston LFO design adapted for 'Positive Only'

- Baby 8 Drum Sequencer - based on Look Mum No Computer concept
- Kick Drum Synth - Ken Stone
- KORG SQ-1 Sequencer

- 3 channel Mixer / EQ - own design based on Ken Stone
- Inverting / Non-Inverting Amp/Buffer - own design
- Splitter / Buffer - own design
- Uni-Gain Mixer - Richard Jones design
- 2 Channel Performance Switcher - own design
- Portamento - based on Jesse Stevens design.

- Arturia Keystep 32
- Modded Casio SA-46
- Alesis Q49

Voltage - plus/minus 15V
Jack Size - 1/4 inch
Power Adapter - 3 pin header
Audio Signal Level - 5v peak to peak
CV Signal Level - Positive 0 to 10V
Panel Size - Moog style 8.75 inches

In general, my idiosyncratic format has kept me away from kits or finished module purchases. As a result I think I've dived a bit deeper into how things worked with the aim of creating a playable musical device.

Suprisingly there are currently no Rene Schmitz modules in my rig right now, but I have built several of his designs over time. Reference books are Ray Wilson Make:Analog Synth and Horowitz & Hill The Art of Electronics

Synth as of April 2022
Here is my rig as of April 2022. To the right you can see my homemade Supro Thunderbolt clone, that I currently use for the synth. It probably does not do bass so good, but I love the throaty growl. The vibe is definitely grungy - no attention whatsoever has been given to appearance.

TEST RIG Synth Test Box

Here is my synth test box, featuring a triangle wave LFO, a manually controllable CV with digital voltmeter, a pair of +-15v power supplies, a momentary gate button, a square wave audio output and a white noise generator.